Value through Innovation28 November 2014

Boehringer Ingelheim promotes the long-term development of its employees

We empower and encourage our people to produce results and increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. We attach great importance to their participation in making decisions about their own jobs, their development and their performance objectives.

Career development at Boehringer Ingelheim

We support our employees in achieving career and performance development aims through

  • The regular standardised employee supervisor consultations
  • Solid career development opportunities
  • Development discussions
  • Human Resources planning processes
  • Targeted professional and managerial training programmes.

Employees supervisor dialogue

The regular employee-supervisor dialogue is a shared managerial process between employees and their immediate superiors. It is applied to all functions at all levels.
Corporate strategic focus

Lead & Learn

"Lead & Learn outlines ways in which we realise and deliver Value through Innovation and helps to meet the challenges to come. It is about how we work together."

(Boehringer Ingelheim Lead & Learn)

The way we work together is at the heart of our employee-supervisor dialogue.

To see if we are living up to our fundamental aspirations, these are the questions we ask ourselves:

  • Are we taking the innitiative?
  • Are we connected?
  • Are we growing together?
  • Are we getting results?

Overall job responsibility

Dialogue and sharing between the employee and supervisor is needed around the expectations, accountabilities and the quality of accomplishments related to the employee's main job.

Open, honest and constructive feedback should be encouraged and practiced in both directions between the employeee and the supervisor.

Goal agreement

Variable performance-related goals are value-adding.
They make a significant contribution to realising our corporate strategy.

Development planning

There is no substitute for knowledge and learning, creativity and innovation, competencies and capabilities. They need to be relentlessly pursued and focused in line with the organisation's current and long-term requirements.

Development planning takes into account

  • Maintaining or increasing the level of job proficiency in the current role
  • Employability
  • Personal growth related aspects as well as
  • Management of expectations.

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