Value through Innovation11 February 2016

1988 - 2015: Value through Innovation

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Following the death of Hubertus Liebrecht (1991), the owning family made some fundamental decisions regarding the company’s alignment. This was in response to changing global healthcare standards and the increasing cost of healthcare, and was designed to maintain the company’s leading position.

The Board of Managing Directors is composed of members who are not part of the owning families. Members of the Boehringer and von Baumbach families continue to sit on the Shareholders’ Committee, which is similar to a supervisory board in public companies.
R&D activities are restructured so that the available resources can be utilised more effectively and innovative products launched more quickly.

The corporate vision “Value through Innovation” is promoted and becomes firmly rooted in the company. This vision defines the targets and framework for the future of the company and represents the global leitmotif and orientation framework. Boehringer Ingelheim presented this vision for the first time in February 1994 at an international management conference held by the company.

Since then, this vision has spread throughout the Group - complete with launch events for each individual company.

The motto “Value through Innovation” has characterised this spirit of cooperation and will continue to inspire employees in the future too. Strengths are expanded and a distinctive personality is forged.

The principles of "Vision & Leadership" have since been integrated in "Lead & Learn". They show how value can be created through innovation, how the employees at Boehringer Ingelheim can tackle future challenges and work as a team.

Since this realignment, the company has enjoyed a number of successes in many different areas:

  • A range of important new products have been launched.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim has become one of the most successful foreign companies operating in the USA and Japan.
  • R&D has been transformed thanks to groundbreaking new technology, such as high-throughput and ultra-high-throughput screening.
  • The acquisition of the injectables manufacturer, Ben Venue Laboratories (USA), has given the hospital segment a major boost.
  • New marketing alliances have been formed with leading companies, such as Genentech, Abbott Laboratories, Glaxo Wellcome, Pfizer and Eli Lilly.
  • Acquisition of the micro-technology company STEAG microParts GmbH from STEAG AG, Essen (2004). The main product is the Respimat® Soft Inhaler.
  • Expansion of the Animal Health division with the acquisition of segments of the animal health operations of Fort Dodge (Pfizer / Wyeth) in 2009.

From 1992 until the end of 2000, Erich von Baumbach, son-in-law of Albert Boehringer, is Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee, which represents the owning families Boehringer and von Baumbach.

From 2001 until the end of 2006, this position is occupied by Dr Heribert Johann after he stepped down from his position as spokesman for Boehringer Ingelheim’s Board of Managing Directors.

In January 2007, he was succeeded by Christian Boehringer, who has been part of the Shareholders' Committee since 2001.

Milestones during this period