Value through Innovation09 February 2016

History of the logo

The logo used by Boehringer Ingelheim today is a stylised depiction of the central section of the imperial palace of Charlemagne. The King of the Franks, who was later crowned emperor, stayed in Ingelheim in the late 8th century, probably around the year 774.

The logo today (since 1997)

Boehringer Ingelheim Logo since 1997

The logo of Boehringer Ingelheim for the 21st century.

History of the logo (1893 - 1997):

1893 - 1905

Boehringer Ingelheim Logo 1893 - 1905

Boehringer Ingelheim’s first company logo.
The intertwined letters CHBS stand for C.H. (Christoph Heinrich) Boehringer Sohn.

1905 - 1924

Boehringer Ingelheim Logo 1905 - 1924

For the first time, the company logo displays a stylised motif of the imperial palace of Ingelheim.

1924 - 1962

Boehringer Ingelheim Logo 1924 - 1962

This is the first logo to incorporate the central section of the imperial palace.

1962 - 1997

Boehringer Ingelheim Logo 1962 - 1997

The new company logo also includes the name Boehringer.