Value through Innovation24 April 2014


Map of China

China, the most populous country of the world, is facing increased pressure on healthcare and growing death rates from chronic diseases.

Facts & Figures

Pharmaceutical business environment China’s pharmaceutical market is expected to grow to 64 bn USD in 2015 (ex-manufacturer price level) at a CAGR of 19.4% in the period 2011– 2015 (IMS)
Size Size China is expected to enter 2011 as No. 3 in the global pharma market ranking (IMS)
Future development In 2020, China is expected to be No. 2 in the pharma market.
Problems, i.e. political regulation of the market Market access policies, such as pricing and reimbursement, are the main issues
RX and CHC market in China China’s OTC market size is 9 billion USD and is projected to become 2nd biggest OTC market by 2013 at the latest