Value through Innovation19 April 2014

Brazil - the world's sixth largest economy - Young people drive development

The emerging markets are characterised by high gross domestic product growth rates as well as huge and growing populations. For most medicines in these regions out-of-pocket payment is necessary. People’s ability to pay for medicines varies significantly and poorer social groups can hardly afford them.

Due to rising standards of living in large sections of the population and changes in lifestyle, there is, in addition to increased life expectancy, a growing risk of chronic diseases and the associated need for therapies. So Boehringer Ingelheim’s increasing engagement in these markets is both an opportunity and obligation.

The emerging markets show varying characteristics and chances and bring different challenges with them. By way of contrast, there are the mature markets of the classical industrialised , which, while representing great demand, hold rather limited growth potential in relation to their market size.

Boehringer Ingelheim addresses the differing requirements of both types of market with differentiated and individually customised strategies. Brazil is the world’s sixth largest economy and – as one of the BRIC countries – one of the greatest emerging markets.

Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world and covers about half of South America. Its healthcare system represents a constant challenge for the government, as most of the active pharmaceutical ingredients are imported and most of the population cannot pay for them from their own pocket. The greatest need is to offer good prices and good quality.

The Brazilian government has for this reason set up a programme to increase the supply of medicines to its poorer citizens. But many patients still have no access to medicines and are increasingly demanding that the government supplies innovative medicines.