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Image Gallery - History

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Albert Boehringer (1861-1939)

The company founder Albert Boehringer

Heinrich Wieland

The chemist and later Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Wieland on whose suggestion in 1917 the first scientific department was set up in Ingelheim.

The first patent

New process for manufacturing baking powder

25th anniversary

25th anniversary of C. H. Boehringer Sohn in Ingelheim, Germany

The factory in 1907

Historical photo from 1907 of
C. H.  Boehringer Sohn, Ingelheim, Germany.

Tartaric acid production

Initially, Weinstein and other salts of tartaric acid were produced and distributed.

Lactic acid production

The industrial process for producing lactic acid with the help of bacteria replaced the small-scale production in pharmacies.


In 1941, Aludrin® - a respiratory product and new approach in treating asthma -  was launched.