Value through Innovation04 February 2016

Image Gallery - Research & Development

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Quality control in a research laboratory at Boehringer Ingelheim

Pharmaceutical development of highly effective substances

Automated cold storage for substance solutions in Biberach

Filter drying in Chemical Development

Laboratory for x-ray structure analysis in lead structure identification

High-Throughput screening in lead structure identification

Microscopic analysis in research laboratory, Boehringer Ingelheim Vienna

Cutting and preparing under the microscope. Preparation for work with the scanning electron microscope

Structure research at a Boehringer Ingelheim laboratory
Protein crystal measurement with x–ray generator and detector system

Development of inhalation medications in Ingelheim:
Examination of an active substance particle with the scanning electron microscope

Drug delivery research laboratory at Boehringer Ingelheim

Drug delivery metered dose inhaler function test at
Boehringer Ingelheim