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Antistax® - our consumer brand for the prevention and treatment of leg health issues - is Boehringer Ingelheim's leading vein health brand containing red vine leaf extract AS195®

Antistax® 360mg tablets have a clinically proven effect on the reduction of oedema caused by chronic venous insufficiency, as well as relieving pain and feelings of tiredness and heaviness in the legs. Antistax® therefore delivers a significant improvement to the quality of life of the relevant population.

The status of Antistax® tablets differs depending on regulation. Antistax® has the status of medicine to improve leg vein circulation, relieving achy swollen legs, e.g. in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Mexico and Spain. In Italy, France, Belgium the UK, and South Africa, Antistax® is a food supplement and helps to maintain leg vein health by avoiding an aching, heavy, tired feeling due to our modern life style.

Antistax® also markets a number of cosmetic products for sufferers form vein health issues, e.g. the Leg Cooling Spray (75 ml) and the Leg Cooling Gel (125 ml).


From a medical perspective, cough is the most common symptom of clinical importance and the most frequent reason to consult a doctor.The clinical symptoms of cough and expectoration have led to the development of drugs that affect respiratory mucus: the mucoactive agents.

Bromhexine (active substance in Bisolvon®) and ambroxol, (in Mucosolvan®) have both the indication: "secretolytic therapy in bronchopulmonary diseases associated with abnormal mucus secretion and impaired mucus transport".

Bromhexine is a synthetic derivative of the herbal active ingredient vasicine. It has been shown to increase the proportion of serous bronchial secretion, making it more easily to be expectorated. Bromhexine enhances also mucus transport by reducing mucus viscosity and by activating the ciliated epithelium. In clinical studies, Bisolvon® showed secretolytic and secretomotoric effects in the bronchial tract area which facilitates expectoration and eases cough.

Bisolvon® has been on the market since 1963. Bromhexine is contained in various formulations of Bisolvon®. There are high and low strength syrups 8mg/5ml, 4 mg/ml, tablets and fast dissolving tablets (both with 8 mg bromhexine) and solution for oral use 10 mg/ 5 ml), adapted to the need of the patients. The posology varies with the age, but there are products for all age groups from infant on.

Bisolvon® is a well established and well tolerated product in its indication.


Abdominal cramping, pain and discomfort is a common ailment. Approximately 1 of 4 persons worldwide suffer on a regular basis.

Buscopan® is the worldwide No.1 (Source IMS MIDAS) antispasmodic brand. Its active ingredient hyoscine butylbromide is basically a natural substance extracted from Duboisia plant species as Scopolamine (Hyoscine) and chemically modified to the quaternary ammonium compound Hyoscine Butylbromide. As an antispasmodic product, Buscopan® acts directly on the site of abdominal pain by relaxing the muscles of the GI tract.

This means Buscopan® relieves abdominal pain by directly treating it's main cause - the abdominal cramp or spasm.

Several Buscopan® line extensions are available today - the mono variant but also different combinations with analgesics (paracetamol, ibuprofen and metamizol/dipyrone) – and different formulations (tablets, drops, suppositories, syrup, solutions for intravenous injection).


Dulcolax® - our leading brand for the treatment, regulation and prevention of intestinal irregularity - maintained its position as the No.1 laxative worldwide and is now marketed in over 100 countries.

The popular Dulcolax® tablets treat constipation and contain the active ingredient bisacodyl. The tablets have a unique comfort coating which prevents them from being dissolved until they reach the colon where the active ingredient is released, ensuring it works right where it's needed. When taken before bedtime, Dulcolax® tablets provide gentle yet effective relief the next morning.

The Dulcolax® range includes tablets, suppositories, perles and liquid drops as well as the new products Dulcolax® Balance and Dulcofibre®.

For more information visit our international Dulcolax® website.


Pain in sore throat is the hallmark of acute pharyngitis. It is usually caused by a viral infection. The infection is self limited and the patient recovers normally in a couple of days. What is most bothering the patient is the continuous pain in the throat maximized when the patient is swallowing. The main goal of the treatment is thus to reduce pain.

The main property of Mucoangin® is the local anaesthetic effect of its active ingredient AMBROXOL, described first in the late 1970s, but explained and confirmed in more recent work.

Ambroxol is a very potent inhibitor of the neuronal Na+ channels. This property led to the development of a lozenge containing 20 mg of ambroxol: Mucoangin®. Many state-of-the-art clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Mucoangin® in relieving pain in acute sore throat, with a fast onset of action and duration of effect of at least 3 hours.

Beside its local anaesthetic effect, Ambroxol also has anti-inflammatory properties since it has been shown to inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory mediators in vitro. This anti-inflammatory effect of ambroxol was found to be of clinical relevance since pharyngeal redness was significantly reduced in patients treated with Mucoangin® lozenges.

The dosage of Mucoangin® is up to 6 lozenges per day up to 3 days.

Mucoangin® is one of the best documented products in its category and is well tolerated.

Mucoangin® is also known under the tradename Lysopadol®. Note that Lizipaina® and Lysopaine® are also part of the Boehringer Ingelheim Sore Throat Franchise, but have different active ingredients than ambroxol. Their commercialization is also limited to certain countries (mainly Spain and France).


From a medical perspective, cough is the most common symptom of clinical importance and the most frequent reason to consult a doctor. The clinical symptoms of cough and expectoration have led to the development of drugs that affect respiratory mucus: the mucoactive agents.

Bromhexine (active substance in Bisolvon®) and Ambroxol, (in Mucosolvan®) have both the indication: "secretolytic therapy in bronchopulmonary diseases associated with abnormal mucus secretion and impaired mucus transport".

Ambroxol is a mucoactive drug with several properties including secretolytic and secretomotoric actions that restore the physiological clearance mechanisms of the respiratory tract which play an important role in the body’s natural defence mechanisms. Ambroxol stimulates synthesis and release of surfactant by type II pneumocytes. Several studies have demonstrated the importance of surfactant in reducing the adhesion of mucus to the bronchial wall, in improving its transport and in providing protection against bacterial aggression and irritating agents.

Mucosolvan® promotes mucus clearance, facilitates expectoration and eases productive cough, allowing patients to breeth freely and deeply. Mucosolvan® is the worldwide leading cough brand.

There are many different formulations developed since the first marketing authorisation in 1978.

A major product is the syrup with two concentrations of ambroxol, 30 mg/ml and 15mg/5ml, which can be given in adults and children from the age of 1 year on and even from infant in the latter concentration.

Other formulations are tablets containing 30 mg or 60 mg, and a pastille to be sucked with 15 mg ambroxol. The total daily dose is 90 mg to 120 mg depending on the countries. There is even a sustained release form with 75 mg to be given just once a day. It is also available as dry powder sachets, inhalation solution, drops and ampoules as well as effervescent tablets.


Pharmaton® is a multivitamin and mineral supplements brand developed to enhance people's physical and mental well-being. A full range of products adapted to the needs of different target audiences has been developed.

Pharmaton® Vitality, a range of products for adults, contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and the standardized Ginseng G115 extract. Main target indication are: exhaustion, tiredness, decreasing concentration and mental alertness. Numerous clinical studies showed that a regular intake of Pharmaton® has positive effect on mental and physical performance.

Pharmaton® Kiddi®, a range of products designed for children, contains carefully selected vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that are very important for growth. Especially recommended in preventive treatment in case of vitamins deficiencies.

Pharmaton® Matruelle® is a pre-natal multivitamins for active planning, pregnant and lactating women, containing all key essential micronutrients for mother and baby like vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to protect against embryonal neural tube diseases of the foetus and against the iron and folic acids anaemia during pregnancy.

Pharmaton® CardioActive, a product designed for older adults (40+), contains a blend of vitamins and minerals combined with omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain cardio-vascular health.


Thomapyrin® - our pain reliever - contains acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol, caffeine, and treats mild to moderate headache, migraine attacks, with and without aura, and tension-type headache.


Zantac®, our heartburn brand in the USA, relieves heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach. It prevents heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach brought on by certain foods and beverages.

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